Project RAW


In a world full of picture perfect moments, we all have felt that pressure to hide what’s really going on and show everyone what they want to see. Real emotion has become nearly unacceptable and that pressure of losing followers or even friends, it’s so real.

This past year I personally have felt so many scary, beautiful and heart breaking emotions and I felt so afraid to really tell anyone. After letting myself truly accept these emotions did this idea come to mind. We’ve all heard the concept, Never Judge a Book By Its Cover…. this plays into humans as well. What you see is really never what you get and the person literally sitting in front of you, do you REALLY even know that person.

I want to change this false world that lives on social media and within our own hometowns… I want to see every human show their emotion and not apologize for it. I will never forget the first session I did, the emotion and the power that followed was incredible. So, sit back and watch or get involved it’s your choice!

Cheers to feeling what is real and showing it to the world!